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Praying From John17

Knowing there are uncertainties ahead of us and aware of the truth that we can do nothing without God’s help, let us draw near to God, echoing the prayers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On Fasting

Fasting is defined as the wilful refrainment from eating and or drinking for a specific period of time for a spiritual purpose.

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? III

The Apostles – what was their purpose? Why did Jesus call them? So far we have covered what Cessationism is and isn’t, who The Apostles were and the uniqueness of their position, and the power that came with it. Today, we’ll be looking at why The Apostles were special. Scripture is abundantly clear about the purpose for this office or gift to the Church. 1. They were to...

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? II

Let’s recap; We’re still talking about the power gifts, people who believe the power gifts are no longer with us are called cessationists, we went over what cessationism is and isn’t. Today, we will be talking about who wielded these power gifts. The Apostles and Prophets  What or Who is an Apostle? Apostle – a “sent” one, an envoy, ambassador, emissary, agent, or messenger commissioned to carry...

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today?

Cessationism recognizes and upholds the “specialness” and uniqueness of the Spirit’s works in times past and emphasizes the purpose for those outbursts of divine power in the History of God's dealings with Man.


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