Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? Conclusion


A summary of the points

A) The Power to Work Miracles was cake for special occasions and purposes, not bread for everyday consumption. To maintain a Continuationist position, you will have to show from scripture that the Power to Work Miracles in Bible times, were not only for special purposes and missions, but were commonplace and for general, everyday use and benefit.

B) I asserted that Christ and his Apostles did not just lay the foundation but are themselves THE foundation of the Church and are therefore one-off, unique, non-repeating, and out-of-sight (gone with their age). 

In principle at least, Continuationism contests their uniqueness. Were Jesus and his Apostles unique in the life of the Church? How are they unique in Continuationism compared to Cessationism as presented?

C) Given the biblical definition and description of who an Apostle is, no one today can even qualify to be a true Apostle. The biblical requirements make it impossible.

D) Cessationism holds that the gift or power to work miracles directly and instantly was the exclusive preserve of primarily Christ and his Apostles (exceptions being the 72, the Deacons Philip and Stephen). To overturn this, you’d have to show from scriptures that this was not the case. You would have to show that every other believer or many others at least, outside of their circle, exercised these gifts? If not, what is the basis of widespread Charismatic teaching that the ability is open to all, if only they desired it enough or exercised enough faith to get it?

E) Church History leans more towards a withdrawal of the special gifts and offices. To overturn this, you’d have to provide incontrovertible proof. This is like arguing that Dinosaurs still exist, where both Cessationists and Continuationists believe they once did. Cessationists believe they’re all dead and gone from the scene but Continuationists affirm they still exist and have continued to this day.

All Continuationists have to do to end the debate, is provide a handful of living Dinosaurs – not lizards.

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