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Continuationists and Cessationists, Together in Harmony


The Great “battle” between Christians of opposing views with regard to the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit has raged on since Lord knows when exactly. The gifts in question include miracles, healings, prophecy (bringing new revelations, not proclaiming already revealed ones), speaking in tongues unlearned foreign languages, the interpretation of tongues unlearned foreign languages, and the...

Jesus Could Not Do Many Miracles In Nazareth II


In the first part of this article, we looked at what our text in Mark 6:1-6 means and what it does not mean. This part contains examples of God overruling unbelief and accomplishing His will… Some examples of God acting despite unbelief Help my unbelief! Jesus healed the demon-possessed boy in Mark 9 even though his father didn’t really believe: Immediately the father of the child...

Jesus Could Not Do Many Miracles In Nazareth


The Problem Just over a week ago I saw a friend’s WhatsApp status which stated: “the limitations in a man’s mind can overrule God’s plans for him.” A hardcore Pentecostal Pastor & motivational preacher, my friend was merely rehashing classic Word of Faith teaching which I’d heard too many times, in several forms and from different sources. I felt compelled to respond, at which point he said...

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? Conclusion


A summary of the points A) The Power to Work Miracles was cake for special occasions and purposes, not bread for everyday consumption. To maintain a Continuationist position, you will have to show from scripture that the Power to Work Miracles in Bible times, were not only for special purposes and missions, but were commonplace and for general, everyday use and benefit. B) I asserted that Christ...

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? Evidence From Church History


The recorded history of the Church has something to tell us about the sign gifts…Let’s consider this along with every other thing we know. Admittedly, appealing to Church History or the majority view in church history, while useful in this debate, is essentially an appeal to experience and uninspired testimony (compared to the Apostles & Prophets) rather than to scripture alone...

Are The Power Gifts Still With Us Today? III


The Apostles – what was their purpose? Why did Jesus call them? So far we have covered what Cessationism is and isn’t, who The Apostles were and the uniqueness of their position, and the power that came with it. Today, we’ll be looking at why The Apostles were special. Scripture is abundantly clear about the purpose for this office or gift to the Church. 1. They were to...

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