Do you feel like you are missing out on life?


It doesn’t take more than a couple of scrolls on social media to get a glimpse of THE LIFE—the cool influencers who are always on their way to some outing, travel vlogs and flashy outfits, relationship talk that highlights the freedom to hook up randomly and date casually, even with multiple partners. Then you begin to wonder why your life seems so boring compared to others.

You begin to feel the weight of the cross that Christianity demands- the call to deny yourself of pleasures that do not please God, and you become weary.

Slowly you stop reading scripture, you stop praying, you’re on social media more, you start indulging your flesh more—the slippery slope to doom…And I ask, to what end?

You are “free” but are you truly not a slave to sin?

After you have pleased yourself with the cares of this world, does it change the fact that there is a God who will judge?

Does it change the fact that God wants you as a believer to be set apart for His glory? 

The word of God doesn’t change because we choose to disobey it and because we choose to be rebellious. What God says, He will do.

We should remember that there is no room for a lukewarm Christian, who wants to be in the world and be “free” and also identify as God’s child. You are either hot or cold, You are either on the narrow way or on the broad way that leads to destruction.

To my dear readers who have fallen back and to those who are feeling confused, let me tell you that you are not missing out on anything good if that thing doesn’t please God.

Listen dear Christian, you are in a world surrounded by darkness but you are called to be the light, you are in the world but you are not of this world! Your home is in heaven, you are here for a little while and you must glorify God with your life while you’re here.

That flashy lifestyle is only a facade, it is like vapor- here for a second and gone the next.

Don’t envy the life of those who are rebellious and are enemies of God, for the harsh reality of God’s judgment will soon come over this evil and perverse generation. God will punish those who are apart from Christ, those who love their sin and love the world.

Don’t be deceived, God is in the light. Live for God now, yes in your youth, do not be carried away by your peers who are slaves to sin.

As a Christian you have been bought by a price, you are not your own. You are no longer a slave to sin but you have become sons and daughters of God, slaves of righteousness, sheep who hear and obey their shepherd’s voice.

I implore you to let this message sink in, go back to God and seek His face. He is merciful and He will forgive! Your life goal should not be how much money and luxury you can heap up. It should be a life that honors God, a life of contentment, working diligently and trusting God to provide your daily needs. Do not let greed consume you and do not worry about tomorrow because you have a Father who knows what you need and loves you.

You are not missing out on anything good, it is better to miss the devil’s party than miss out on eternal life.

Serve God in your youth. Be bold. Share the gospel, be set apart, die to self, live for God.

For His glory alone, Amen.

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