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What Is True Repentance?

Biblical repentance isn’t ashamed of admitting wrong and changing the course of one’s life, it rather delights in God more than the feeling of shame from admitting wrong and changing your life.

Yours Now, His Always and Forever

Do you hear the Gospel and the necessity of repentance from sin preached but still you delay in responding appropriately because you perceive you can do it at a later time in your life?

Amazing Grace

You see, being morally upright, going to church and serving in church does not make one a Christian.

Praying like an idol worshiper

The Church Missionary Society (CMS) of the Church of England was the first to bring the gospel to Nigeria. The society arrived in Badagry in 1842 and eventually set up a mission base in Abeokuta in July 1846. Listen to this account by Sarah Tucker about Abeokuta in 1854:  Their idols are of clay, or wood, or metal, and several are generally placed in one particular room in the house, where...

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